Mastercraft 275/55R20 XL STRATUS AP

Passenger Light Truck tire.


  • All-purpose, large sharp-angled tread blocks
  • All-season, full depth biting edges or sipes
  • Zigzag tread pattern
  • Anti-hydroplane channels on each side


  • Strengthen traction on dirt roads and farmland, while still providing solid on-road performance
  • Wet and snow traction
  • Impedes air flowing through tread, reducing noise for a quieter ride
  • Help flush out water from the tire, improving both wet traction and hydroplane resistance

Tire Specifications

Load Rating117
Speed RatingH130
Load Capacity2833pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation50PSI
Tread Depth11
Approved Rim Width7.5-9.5
Measuring Rim Width8.5
Mounted Diameter31.73
Mileage Warranty50,000

$107.58 each

Price as of 7/7/2020

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Mastercraft STRATUS AP


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