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Price on Tuesday, July 5, 2022:$207.22 each, excluding installation

Pirelli 255/65R18 SCORPION AS PLUS 3

All-Season Passenger Light Truck/SUV Touring tire.


* New compound with functionalized polymer * Full depth sipes covering tread blocks * Horizontal 3D and vertical sipes in the shoulders, zig-zag central sipes and deep sipes * Optimized footprint shape and pressure distribution * Limited empty areas in tread pattern * Fewer shoulder blocks * 70,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty


* Designed to go the extra mile through all seasons * Improved traction, handling and braking * Delivers confident braking and handling in dry, wet or cold * Promotes even tread wear and braking performance * More contact surface for longer wearing tread * Increased ground contact for improved handling

Tire Specifications

Load Rating111
Speed RatingT118 mph  (190 kph)
Load Capacity2403pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation44PSI
Mileage Warranty70,000
UTQG800 A ATreadwear: 800
Traction: A
Temperature: A

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