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Price on Tuesday, March 21, 2023:$148.30 each, excluding installation

Laufenn 265/65R17 X FIT HT (LD01)

All-Season Highway Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.


* High stiffness center block * Shoulder 2-in-1 block * Comfort design * Zigzag groove design * Multi-snow kerf design * Four wide, straight tread grooves * Lateral groove lugs * Folded belt edge tape design * 2-step edged shoulder block outside * Stone ejectors * 60,000 Mile Tread Life Warranty (P-Metric Sizes Only) * Road Hazard Warranty (does not apply to LT-Metric tires)


* For optimized all season performance * Ensures improved stability and handling for a reliable driving experience with a focus on safety * Offers exceptional comfort for pleasurable on-road driving * Designed to prevent damage from stone drilling and external impact * Long tread life

Tire Specifications

Load Rating112
Speed RatingT118 mph  (190 kph)
Load Capacity2469pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation51PSI
Mileage Warranty60,000
UTQG620 A BTreadwear: 620
Traction: A
Temperature: B

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