Dunlop Radial Rover RT Tires

Ultra-Traction Truck Tire


  • Deep shoulder lugs
  • Extra-wide, wraparound tread
  • 5-Pitch Technology™
  • Self-cleaning, open shoulder grooves
  • Ultra-high ply turn-up
  • Cut- and chip-resistant tread compound
  • Pinned to accept studs (consult state laws regarding stud use)
  • Black serrated letters
  • RMA-rated for Severe Snow Conditions


  • Powerful traction in mud, snow and off-road conditions
  • Side grip for traction in deep ruts and enhanced sidewall protection
  • Helps reduce noise for a quiet ride
  • Help prevent tread clogging and maintain traction
  • Stable, responsive handling and sidewall toughness
  • Toughness and long mileage
  • Great traction and control on snow and ice
  • Stylish appearance
  • Powerful traction for winter conditions


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